Terms and Conditions

Globalfandb.com platform and its mobile app are owned and operated by ‘The Online Networking Hub – DMCC’.  

Making use of the platform and obtaining its services is governed by the terms and conditions listed on this Platform.  You should agree to comply with our terms and conditions to use our services. We may amend any of our terms and conditions by posting it on www.globalfandb.com. 


About Globalfandb.com:

We are a consortium of dedicated specialists from the Food & Beverages industry who have founded the Online Networking Hub DMCC and its “Globalfandb.com” platform and mobile app with the ambitious goals of starting a new era in the F&B sector.

As the first online F&B business industry venue, “globalfandb.com” platform and its mobile app serve the F&B industry across the world and present a complete F&B B2B trading platform for manufacturers, dealers, sellers, buyers and all other business-related partners.


Words & Terms used on Globalfandb.com:

Buyer means you as an individual, firm, corporation, partnership venture, limited liability, government authorities, joint venture or any kind of company who would like to use Globalfandb.com” platform services. If you want to join and make use of the platform services, you must comply with globalfandb.com platform terms. Terms such as Buyer, You, We, Us, Our are related to each of the contracting parties. Affiliate refers to an entity or any person who is associated directly or indirectly to utilize our services.

Wherever wording the Online Networking Hub DMCC, the Company or globalfandb.com, the Platform, and its Mobile app, the mobile app mentioned in this Terms of Use it shall refer to all of them.


General Conditions:

To buy products or services, it is a must to create a buyer account on the platform.

While creating an account, buyers must

  • Understand that globalfandb.com reserves all the rights to refuse access to the services at any time to anyone for any reason.
  • Accept that we may change our services from time to time if necessary.
  • Agree not to amend, reproduce, copy, misuse, exploit, sell or resell any of our services.


Terms and conditions of creating a Buyer Account:

If you wish to benefit from our services, please note that

  • Buyer account applicant must not be less than 18 years old when creating the account on the platform. 
  • Applicant must provide all the necessary information and the valid documents requested to complete registration procedures.
  • Applicant must avoid creating an account with false information.
  • Applicant must not create an account without the consent of business owner or busıness partner. 
  • Globalfandb.com will assist you in the creation of the buyer account.


Account Information:
After creating a buyer’s account, buyers must note that

  • Member username or password selected either by you or provided by us must be treated as most confidential.
  • You shall be responsible for all the activities carried out under your account.
  • If you provide any information which is false, irrelevant, not up to date, not in accordance with our terms and conditions, we will terminate your membership and access to our platform. 
  • Any unauthorized access to your account must be immediately reported to our legal team legal@globalfandb.com.
  • You must not use your account information for any fraudulent activities which are treated as a violation of the applicable laws and legislation.
  • You must not transfer your account information to any third party without our consent.
  • We are not liable for any misuse or any fraudulent activities carried out under your name. 


Policies and Agreement:
As a registered buyer, you must meet the following

  • Comply with the buyer agreement including our applicable policies, laws, and regulations.
  • Adhere to the laws and regulations in the country of buisness activity.
  • Never try to search, order or buy illegal products on our platform. We may debar your access to our platform and terminate your buyer account anytime.
  • Never be involved in misleading other members by the use of our platform communication systems.
  • Act fair with all our customers. Unfair behavior includes manipulation of selling experience, indirectly misleading other users, manipulating customer reviews and ratings, illegal act of promotions, intentionally damage the reputation of other merchants, etc.


By registering on globalfandb.com platform and its mobile app, the buyer acknowledges and agrees on all the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the platform.