Seller Onboarding platform and its mobile app are owned and operated by ‘The Online Networking Hub – DMCC’. platpform and its mobile app are a B2B marketplace that facilitates food and beverages industry business between manufactures, dealers, sellers, buyers and all other business-related partners. platform selects sellers in accordance with its strict criteria so that its sellers’ list is safe and all kinds of scam, low quality products and fake trade are avoided.


According to platform sellers’ selection criteria, Sellers should be

  • efficient into operations.
  • serious customers.
  • have forecasting production.
  • Have planning and marketing strategies.
  • Have ongoing and promising business.
  • Produce high quality products which meet all the product-related standards.
  • Have quality pictures, and videos of the promoted products.
  • inventory and always keep their products up-to-date.
  • The Online Networking Hub DMCC have the right to publish the seller’s video clips on platform YouTube channel.


Registration Process

  1. Seller completes membership application form.
  2. Seller receives an OTP for account verification by phone.
  3. platform or /and its mobile app issues membership fees invoice.

Seller finalizes payment and sends proof of 

  1. payment to
  2. Seller’s account will be activated by platform representatives.
  3. Seller is entitled to have full access to all platform and its mobile app services included in the chosen package and he/she is able to update his/her company profile on platform and its mobile App.


The following is taken into consideration for the registration process:

  • Application must be completed with accurate information that comply with the company official and valid documents used to finalize the registration process.
  • All seller’s documents required for the registration process are verified at the time of application by platform representatives.
  • A valid mobile phone number must be available at the time of the registration process to receive an OTP to verify the seller’s account.
  • After completing the registration procedures, the customer will receive a phone call within 24 hours from a representative of platform to verify the success of the registration process.


By registering on platform and its mobile app, the seller acknowledges and agrees on terms and conditions and privacy Policy of