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About Seller

ZAD FOOD INDUSTRIES L.L.C. is specialized in the premium dates industry, starting from the process of selecting a wide variety of quality dates produced in the Middle East region up to the processes of date grading, treatment, date base food manufacturing, packaging, and marketing. We pride ourselves on wide expertise and outstanding performance in all stages of the date’s food industry. Our company is located in Dubai Industrial City, U.A.E. Our trained and skilled workers perform excellent procedures in the process of date fruit purchasing, grading, processing, and packaging. A team dedicated to inspection and quality assurance supervises all stages of production to ensure compliance with international quality standards. Our products which are sold under the trademark “ZAD” compete with the most well-known brands around the world, becoming infamous for their high quality and great taste. All procedures performed in our factory are incoherent and in full compliance with the standard quality assurance requirements. In addition, we are keen on performing over the year lab examination of all ingredients used in our food products. We also examine the final products before any shipment. ZAD FOOD INDUSTRIES L.L.C is committed to our customers in export and domestic markets. Thanks to our top-quality products and highly professional service which enable us to reach our objective. Our clients range from small groceries and bakeries to large hypermarkets across the United Arab Emirates. We always seek for strong agents to be our partners and brand ambassadors across the world. Product Line: - Luxury Mamool - Mamool date with white flour - Mamool date with a whole wheat - Luxury Dates Paste