Who We Are?

We are a consortium of dedicated specialists from the F&B industry who have founded Global F&B and its “Globalfandb.com” platform and mobile app with the sole aim of starting a new era in the F&B sector where all our business partners and clients can achieve their business objectives with the least effort and cost.

“Globalfandb.com” is the first online platform and marketplace that serves the F&B industry across the world and a complete F&B B2B trading platform.


What sets us apart?

  • Specialized old hands in the world of F&B involved in organizing, running and attending F&B events worldwide.
  • Equipped with tools of the trade and extensive knowledge.
  • Unique F&B sector-related networks.


What are the advantages of Golbal F&B membership?

  • A special international gathering of F&B companies under one roof.
  • Prompt access to business via the platform and its mobile application.
  • Save time, expenses and effort.
  • Simple subscription (no commissions, no hidden fees).
  • Efficient and intelligent tools to cater to the requirements of a multitude of buyers and suppliers in cross-border trade transactions.
  • Reduce carbon footprint by adopting environmentally friendly business options.
  • Broad horizon, diverse categories and opportunities for business.


Our services

  • Providing a platform that functions as a complete online exhibition for F&B sellers, buyers and all other business partners.
  • Promoting and putting on sale wide varieties of F&B products worldwide.
  • Helping buyers to find varied and trusted sources to buy F&B products
  • Creating business opportunities to buyers and suppliers by use of the Platform matchmaking system.
  • Enabling producers, distributors, sellers, buyers, dealers and all F&B business partners to connect, interact with each other and conduct business operations.