Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

fnb_db.com platform and its mobile app are owned and operated by ‘The Online Networking Hub – DMCC’. 


fnb_db.com platpform and its mobile app are a B2B marketplace that facilitates food and beverages industry business between manufactures, dealers, sellers, buyers and all other business-related partners.


The terms and conditions listed here govern your access to this Platform and its subdomains.


Wherever wording the Online Networking Hub DMCC, the Company or fnb_db.com, the Platform, and its Mobile app, the mobile app mentioned in this Terms of Use it shall refer to all of them.


By accessing fnb_db.com platform, you agree to below terms and conditions; please read them carefully. If you don’t intend to agree with terms and conditions, please do not access or register with our Platform.  


1.            Introduction

You must read, agree and accept to fnb_db.com terms and conditions, privacy policy before accessing this platform or continue to become a member of the platform. This user agreement contains all the information related to words, policies, linked to this domain or any subdomain.


2.            Membership Eligibility

Use of this platform is allowed for persons who can form legal contracts. fnb_db.com reserves all the rights to terminate the user account if it is brought to notice that he does not have the rights to access the platform on behalf of his company. The platform cannot be accessed by the person whose account is terminated or suspended by fnb_db.com.

If you are registering to fnb_db.com, you agree with all the terms and conditions laid down here in this policy.


3.            Your Account

While creating an account on this platform, you are required to provide certain information and register with a username and password. By creating your account on this Platform, you agree to;


Maintain confidentiality of your account information, and accept the responsibility of every activity performed under your display name. You also agree to report any unauthorized use of your account to fnb_db.com. You shall not use any other person’s account without his due consent; any unauthorized access will be a punishable offense. fnb_db.com is not liable for any damage/loss/defamation resulting from the disclosure of your account information.


You must provide relevant information requested at the time of the creation of your account.


Youth under 18 are not allowed to create an account on our Platform.


You will not include any irrelevant information in your listing.


You must always keep your account information relevant and up to date. The Online Networking Hub DMCC does not hold any liability if your account is terminated or suspended due to outdated information.


4.            Electronic Communication

You must understand and consent to receive communication and information related to this Platform through email or registered data. We use electronic or other communication to inform you about our services, updates, promotions or additional features made to this Platform. If you wish to stop receiving promotional offers, you can opt out of it anytime by clicking on the link provided in promotional emails.


5.            Conditions, Notices, and Revisions

By accessing this Platform, you understand and agree that fnb_db.com can make amendments to this Platform with immediate effect at its sole discretion. fnb_db.com shall notify you of the significant amendments that may change your obligations/rights as a user through electronic communication.


6.            Services and Payments

Globalfanb.com platform and its mobile app allow their subscribers to put on display, promote, sell and use all the platform and the mobile app services for the membership subscription fees.


Globalfanb.com platform and its mobile app are free of charge for the buyer membership.


Globalfanb.com platform and its mobile app subscribers can use third party logistics services for additional charges paid directly to the service provider.


We may change our service fees in the event of any promotions or for any other reason with due notice.


All seller and sponsor members are liable to receive their payments from the buyers.


Globalfanb.com platform and its mobile app do not request any kind of fees, commissions, additional charges for any transactions between its subscribers.


7.            Safe Pay

Safe pay on fnb_db.com refers to the secure payment of member packages listed on the Platform may be made through any payment mode such as online, cash and My Wallet.  fnb_db.com does not involve in buying, selling or payment of any items. Buyers and sellers are solely responsible for the selling and buying transaction between each other; Merchants must agree that fnb_db.com is not responsible of any deals on the platform.


8.            Your information

By using this Platform, you agree to the collection, storage, and usage of your personal information. We keep your data protected by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt the information related to material, personal and other information you provide during registration, listing, bidding, purchase, selling, and feedback through email. When using the Platform on shared computers, make sure to log out to prevent any unauthorized access to your data.


9.            Third Party Advertisements

Our Platform may include Third Party Advertisements and links to other websites.


10.          Indemnity

You shall indemnify fnb_db.com, its owner, licensee, and their respective associates from any claim including attorney fees made by third party or penalty imposed due to the breach of these terms of use and policies.


11.          Use of the Platform

While accessing this Platform, you agree you will not;


Share your account information with anyone.


List items in wrong categories.


List items which you don’t have rights to.


Make any racist comments or disrespect any culture or abuse to other users of this Platform,


Try to place obscene information by any means on this Platform.


List items that are offensive in nature with regards to any religion or culture.


List stolen or forged items.


List items or post information that promotes gambling.


Delay deliveries or fail to make deliveries for the purchases made


Follow any illegal activities to increase reviews or positive feedback ratings on the Platform.


List any financial instruments.


Listing parts of living or dead animal, human and other creatures.


List tobacco products, drugs, chemicals, toxic and curative substances and alcoholic products.



You confirm that;


You are an adult or over 18 years of age.


If you are a representative of any merchant, you have the authority to represent and bind them for any transaction.


You will not collect or misuse other users' data.


You will report any unauthorized transactions on this Platform to fnb_db.com about the.


You will not disclose your personal information to other users during any transaction happening on this Platform.


You must provide accurate and UpToDate description of the products you are selling on this Platform.


 12.         Copyright


All platform contents such as but not limited to, graphics, user interfaces, photographs, trademarks, logos, sounds, videos and artwork are the copyright of The Online Networking Hub DMCC. Terms of use, policies and all material expressed on this Platform will not be copied, republished or distributed in any way.


13.          Abusing fnb_db.com

The Online Networking Hub DMCC may terminate services and remove hosted information and take legal action to keep users away from this Platform if we notice any misuse of this Platform.


14.          Communication Platform


www.fnb_db.com acts as a communication platform where sellers and buyers can involve in selling and buying goods and services. fnb_db.com is not accountable to control any transaction between the sellers and buyers.



fnb_db.com is not responsible for any breach of contract between the sellers and buyers. A seller is solely responsible for any sale contract; www.fnb_db.com does not hold any liability or obligations in that regards.


fnb_db.com is not responsible for any unavailable items on this platform.



fnb_db.com is not liable for the listed products, accuracy of the information or quality of the items posted by the sellers, and it is the absolute responsibility of the sellers.


The links to third party websites on this Platform are merely included for promotions or advertisements. www.fnb_db.com is not responsible for the products and services advertised through third party websites.


Sellers and buyers are solely responsible for the payments and any such agreements. www.fnb_db.com is not responsible for any such arrangements.



fnb_db.com does not include any implied warranties, terms and conditions and is not responsible for any loss or damage due to the inability to use this Platform properly.


15.          Risk of Loss

The Online Networking Hub DMCC and fnb_db.com are not liable for any damages or losses to the item which is delivered.


16.          Privacy

fnb_db.com takes safety measures to protect your personal information. However, we cannot ensure 100 Percent data safety since the internet is not a secure medium. fnb_db.com is not responsible for any third-party Platform practices.


17.          Breach of User Agreement

If you breach this user agreement, fnb_db.com will suspend your account or terminate your access to this Platform. fnb_db.com reserves all the rights to recover the damages or losses caused by you by breaching this user agreement. We may also take legal action against you.


18.          Feedback

Sellers and buyers are encouraged to provide ratings and reviews after each transaction. However, the feedback once provided cannot be deleted by any user. Any offensive comments that hurts the religious or cultural values shall be removed from this Platform at platform and\or the Company.


19.          License and Access

Subject to your acceptance of these terms and conditions and payment of any applicable fee, www.fnb_db.com grants a limited, non-transferable permit to make commercial use of www.fnb_db.com Platform. Any other rights or uses which are not expressed here is solely retained by www.fnb_db.com. The permit granted shall be terminated for misusing www.fnb_db.com platform.



20.          Buyer Protection

Buyer must understand upon initiating a transaction, and enters into a purchase contract with the seller to purchase products/services. Buyer will communicate directly with the seller through electronic communication and fulfill the payment transaction using the modes of payment provided in the supplier account. All the payment fee is addressed to the seller without fnb_db.com   involvement and fnb_db.com is not liable for any return and refund in case of non-delivery or delayed delivery within the stipulated time at the time of purchase. In such situation buyers may report to the Platform without any financial or co-tangible liability and without any obligation on the Platform to inform the buyer of any action taken against the seller.



21.          Agreement over transaction through fnb_db.com.


All purchases on the Platform is a commitment between the sellers and buyers without the Platform involvement. You as a buyer is obligated to review the deal and fulfill the transaction in goodwill. You also agree to provide the seller with valid information while making purchase transactions and you will not use any false name, false credit/debit card information to fulfill the buying obligation. fnb_db.com   will take a legal action if any unauthorized purchases are notified against you. As a user of golbalfandb.com, you are always encouraged to post your ratings and reviews about the seller and notify us regarding any misconduct from the merchant.


22. Listing products for selling on fnb_db.com

The registered sellers can list their products or services on this Platform for sale under the applicable laws and compliance to this user agreement. Listings should include only the items which are legally acceptable to be sold and the listing content must be authentic and provides accurate information. Any listing that contains false information, obscene and criminal content will be removed from this Platform. As a seller, you are obliged to fulfill the sale transactions with the buyer and fulfill deliveries in time. If you repeatedly fail to meet sale obligations, your account will be suspended or terminated by us. You also agree that you will not use any user data to perform any transactions except sale transactions.


23.          fnb_db.com Social

is built with a mission to provide an online platform for its sellers and buyers to express their opinions to offer personalized experience. You agree that we may collect the device information, content, communication and other information provided by you while signing up for an account or sharing the posts and streaming live videos on fnb_db.com Social to improve your personalized experiences. You also agree that we collect information related but not limited to contents you are engaging with, hashtags, activities, and others shared comments, pictures, and videos about you or even sync your contact information for data protection.



24.          Logistics

Sellers, buyers and manufacturers are responsible for all logistics services on all deals. The Online Networking Hub DMCC will not be responsible for any delay, loss or damage of the ordered goods or services.


25.          Membership Withdrawal

fnb_db.com reserves all the rights to suspend or withdraw membership of any user for any reason without breach of this user agreement.


26.          Warranty

fnb_db.com does not make or represent any warranty for any of the items listed on this Platform. The products or services listed on this Platform are available based on As Is/As Available or otherwise specified in writing. As a user, you agree that use of the services on this Platform is at your sole risk. Within the permissibility of the law, The Online Networking Hub DMCC is not liable for any damage arising from the use of fnb_db.com services made available on this Platform.


27.          Liabilities Limitation

fnb_db.com, its representatives, employees, agents, affiliates, and suppliers are not liable for any loss or damage (To the extent permitted under the law) from the use of our Platform, its services or user agreement. If you disagree with our terms and conditions, you must stop using our Platform. Further, if any unauthorized access would result in the breach of this user agreement. The Online Networking Hub DMCC may take a legal step against unauthorized user under the policies stated in this user agreement.

28.          Notice

The provisions of this user agreement are purely for users to understand our policies. None of the clauses forms any partnership agreement between fnb_db.com and the user in any manner.


29.          Disputes

Any disputes or claim in any way to your use of fnb_db.com services will be resolved by Dubai court.

30.          Transfer of rights and obligations

You agree that fnb_db.com can transfer its rights and obligations to any of its affiliate without your specific agreement. fnb_db.com will notify you of any transfer of this Platform without right to object. You also agree that you cannot transfer your rights and obligations without the prior consent of fnb_db.com.


31.          General

If any of the clauses in this user agreement is changed and deemed void or invalid, it will serve no effect to the rest of the clauses. Rest of the clauses will remain unchanged. No user can make any modifications to the clauses listed in this user agreement. This user agreement is subjected to change anytime for further understanding between the users.


32.          Applicable Law

By using fnb_db services, you agree that the United Arab Emirates will govern these Conditions of Use and any dispute of any sort between you and fnb_db.com

fnb_db.com abide by the following legal e-commerce laws in the UAE and KSA. Sellers and buyers must also refer and adhere to the following applicable laws. Kindly stop accessing or using this Platform if you disagree to any of the following;


•    Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 On Electronic Commerce and Transactions (e-commerce Law)

•    Federal Law by Decree No. 5 of 2012 regarding Cyber Crimes (Cybercrime Law)

•    Federal Law No.3 of 1987 on the Issuance of the Penal Code (Penal Code) federal law No.43 of 2005 and federal law No.25 of 2006

•    Federal Law No. 15 of 1980 regarding Publications and Publishing (Publications Law) regulates the publishing of traditional, as well as digital content.

Global F&B Platform blocks the following content that is contrary to the public interest, public morality, public order, public and national security, and Islam morality or is otherwise prohibited by any applicable UAE, regulation, procedure, order or requirement.

  • Practicing deceiving and fraudulent activities on this Platform.
  • Including insult, slander and defamation content in products listing.
  • Pornography, nudity, unethical sexual content
  • Recording or misusing the communication from this Platform.
  • Content that harms and publishes false news for ridicule, abuse or damages the reputation and status of UAE, their establishments, presidents, rulers, crown princes, deputy rulers, country flags, national anthems, and logos, etc.
  • Content that promotes criminal acts.
  • Unlicensed medical and pharmaceutical products and services.
  • Content which is racist, contempt and discriminates any religion.
  • Content that encourages the provocative act of crime in the territory of the UAE or elsewhere in the world.

Listing related to the following is strictly prohibited on this Platform;

  • Liquor.
  • Tobacco and smoking.
  • Counterfeit and fake goods


33.          Disclaimer

The Online Networking Hub DMCC is not liable for any damages or losses resulting from the inappropriate use of fnb_db.com Platform and its products and services such as but not limited to any fraud or deceit in between merchant and buyer.