Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy platform and its mobile app are owned and operated by ‘The Online Networking Hub – DMCC’.

Wherever wording the Online Networking Hub DMCC, the Company or, the Platform, and its Mobile app, the mobile app mentioned in this Terms of Use it shall refer to all of them. 

As a company, we strive to achieve our customers’ satisfaction. We receive our valued customers’ suggestions, comments, complaints and do our best to solve any issues that may arise. However, if any customer decides to cancel his/her membership, the following rules must be considered and followed. 
‘The Online Networking Hub – DMCC’ has no-refund policy at any circumstances.
Our subscribers can cancel their membership provided that they give a one-months prior notice of their intention.
‘The Online Networking Hub – DMCC’ receives cancellation requests by email or in person.
During the one-month notice period, our subscribers can withdraw their membership cancellation request.
Cancellation of membership is put into effect at the end of the one-month notice and the subscriber’s account will be deleted.

For the above mentioned reasons, we do encourage our customers to read our refund policy very carefully before completing their membership on the platform and its mobile app. 
If you have any further queries about our refund policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at